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Research and Development (R&D)
Our team provides custom-designed products and Electronic systems, as well as, R&D consulting service
  Sample of our design products:  
1-Environmental Monitoring and Control System Units (EMCS)  
  The EMCS series is a state of the art microprocessor based controller for Air conditioning systems designed for wireless Stations application.
It controls the operation of two air conditioning units integrating an environmental monitoring control system, to collect the station’s environmental equipment alarms e.g. Fire alarm, door access control, obstruction light control systems.
Unlike other temperature controls, the EMCS with stand by DC power supply option plus built in backup battery provides a full time monitoring to the temperature status even when the AC supply fails.
  Electrical characteristics:  
  AC voltage 220-240 VAC
Frequency 50-60Hz
DC voltage 48VDC-Backup Battery 12VDC
Power consumption <8 watt
  System Configuration:  
  Timer range – Unit A/B) 1-12 hours.
Temperature & Function
Control Settings
Low temperature Set Point.
High temperature Set Point.
Very High Temperature Set point
Hysteresis degree
Sensor offset degree
Anti Shot cycling. In minuets range
Alarm Validation time. In minuets range
External Alarm input actions – 0 =no effect
1 = shut down A/C
  Status Conditions on LCD display A/C’s active units.
Time remaining for the active unit.
A/C units power status.
Temperature degree.
Alarms status.
  Mechanical Characteristics & connections:  
  Overall dimensions 300(w) x 330(h) x 80(d) mm
Weight >3< Kg
Power, Loads, Connections are mounted at the bottom of the unit.
Temperature sensor and Dry contact alarms I/P& O/P on Single row at the top
2-Navy Light Beacons for Telecommunication Towers (ac load and dc load)
  Power consumption:  
  Max 2 watt @ 48vdc –“single “model
Max 10 watt @ 220vac–“double “model
•Omni direction led light source
•Beam spread 360°horizontal
•Effective intensity: 10 candelas
•Life time 100,000 hr approx
  - Approved Types by Vodafone and Mobinil
•Site Guarding Systems with complete Alarms
•Shelter Ventilation System Units
  - Red Light Control Series Model RLC 2X24202  
  Basic Features:
- Automatic photo control of the tower light.
- Two warning lights each up to 500 watts.
- Automatic switching Main/standby lights
- Self diagnostics over drive circuit.
- Alarm signals in case of power, lamp(s) and/or drive circuit failure.
- Local & remote indicators.
- Outdoor enclosure (IP55).
3-Distrbution panel  
  The distribution of electricity and provide protection to the shelter
-Accepted by Vodafone.
-Installed In Vodafone ,Mobinil & Teletech Shelters .
4- Building Management System Model BMS 0803-1  
  Basic Features:
- Eight output powers relay 1500 watts each.
- Three programmable ON/OFF periods for each output.
- Integrated bell with sixteen programmable ring times.
- Battery operated with integrated enhanced battery charger.
- Digital display with pushbuttons to program & review all status & setting parameters.
- Password protection for unauthorized personnel.
4- Medical Scope Cleaner:  
  Basic Features:
- Digital timer with digital display and pushbuttons.
- Time adjustable from 0 to 60 min.
- A pressure sensor on the pump’s output.
- Overpressure automatic stop.
- Error message display.
5- TELE-Controller (Telecarrier)  
  Basic Features:
- Remotely control the air condition set over the PSTN lines.
- Battery operated 2A size.
- Programmable user ID.
- Programmable password protection.
- Can be adapted to control any appliance over PSTN.
6- IR Remote Control Units  
  Basic Features:
- Conceptually, can be used to operate any appliances.
- Customized transmitter units with any number of keys.
- Customized receiver units with any number of outputs.
7- Digital Thermostat  
  Basic Features:
- Heat/cool/auto modes of operations.
- LCD display & pushbuttons for all modes of operations.
- Compressor & cycle time guard.
- Cool/Heat 2 degree temperature guard.
- Celsius/Fahrenheit selection.

8- Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)  
  Basic Features:
- Half way phase controlled thyristor type AVR.
- Self powered from the generator terminals.
- Closed loop control with +/- 1% load regulation.
- Under frequency roll off protection.
- Over 550 kw generator type.
9- Car Parking Sensor  
  Basic Features:
- Helps to prevent accidental impact to rear of vehicles.
- Digitally display the exact distance between the car and nearest obstacle.
- Three different tone audible warning.
- Triple sensors for maximum detection coverage.
- Cm/Inch selectable for digital display.
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