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Electronics Repair Center
At Electronics Repair Center, we specialize in industrial electronic component repair. Our skilled technicians excel in servicing the following:
•Printed Circuit Boards
•Power Supplies
•Drives of all types
•Machine Controllers
•And many more...
  What we offer:  
  •90 Day warranty on all repairs
•Competitive prices!
•Estimate before repairs are completed
•Simulated bench testing
•Testing before and after repair
•In-House repairs.
•Full range Of spare parts ,stock-keeping assistance & logistical coordination
•Troubleshooting and Testing  
  TieTec technicians perform a more stringent quality control check by using reverse engineering techniques developed and practiced in-house. The method of repair simulates in use conditions and has proven superior to other methods. Each item will be tested before and after repair. Every item received for repair will be checked for physical and electrical damage. This includes repairing/replacing circuit runs, edge connectors, and solders connections. Your item is as good as new when returned from Electronics Repair Center.
  •Technical Data  
  We have established an extensive library of schematics and technical data. Availability of technical literature is not a prerequisite to sending items to Electronics Repair Center for repair. However, if we have not repaired an item for you, sending any technical literature with the equipment will save time and money. All Material received will be returned with the repaired item.
  •Test Equipment  
  TIE TEC’s inventory of test equipment includes those found in any well-run and fully equipped electronics laboratory. This includes scopes, meters, power supplies, signal generators, and motors with brake assemblies for load testing drives.
  •Data Base system  
  Used for tracking & monitoring units under repair & in warranty.
Also Support our Staff in all levels of investigation regarding each customer account & plays a key role in our work flow process.
  Main sectors:  
  1- Communication.  
  -PSTN subscriber’s card.
-Control devices for different types of switching system
  Sample of Our Customers in communication sector  
  -Telecom Egypt.
-Metro Egypt.
-Rail way station.
-Nile telecom.
-LINK Dot Net.
  2- Oil & Gas.  
  -PLC cards.
-Rectifier modules.
-RFM satellite cards.
-Centrifuge, soil & water Analysis.
-Operator interface cards.
-Inverter control board.
  Sample of Our Customers in Oil &Gas sector.  
  -Cairo Company for Oil refining
-Petro Gas Company
-Suez Oil Company
  3- Industrial.  
  -Different types of PLC (Siemens (S5 & S7), Omron, Allenbradlly)
-Control cards for packaging machines.
  Sample of Our Customers in Industrial sector.  
  -P&G Egypt.
-Unilever Egypt.
-Egypt Food.
-Frank Sami.
-Swiss made clothes.
-Pisco Misr.
-Olympic Group.
-Bahgat Group.
-Sewedy Cables Factory.
  4-Medical & pharmaceutical  
  -ICU equipments
-ECG devices, sonar devices
-Autoclave, dynamic irritating allured & beds operation.
  Sample of Our Customers in Medical & pharmaceutical sector  
  -Sharm El-sheikh international hospital.
-One day surgeries hospital.
-Misr international hospital.
-Eyes international hospital.
-Delta scientific office.
-Nile international of medical equipment.
-Novartis company.
-T3A company .
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